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BioSafety Masterclass

A BioSafety Masterclass: Building and Maintaining Competence in BioSafety

A one-day Biological Safety Masterclass course provides an essential update in knowledge of current legislation and best practice for those who have previously completed the accredited Biological Safety Officers or Biological Safety: Management & Practice course.

This Masterclass is designed to remind you of what you once knew (but may have forgotten!) about biological safety so it assumes a certain basic knowledge. 

Previous delegates who have benefited from Biological Safety courses include:

- Biosafety Officers
- BioPharma directors and managers
- Biosafety Administrators (industry and universities)
- Biosafety committee member
- Engineers, chemists

 Duration A one day course.     
 Objectives Using a mix of formal presentation, class exercises and syndicate work you should, by the end of the session, have:

• reminded yourself about the legal background
• revisited the principles and practice of assessing risk
• applied those principles in the biological context
• reviewed appropriate standards of laboratory management and operation
• reflected on changes for the future and drawn up an action plan

Before you attend: find two examples of risk assessments for activities that involve biological hazards, minutes of your last safety committee, a copy of your spill procedure and notes or report from an inspection done within the last 3 months. Bring these with you to review as part of the action planning exercise.

One Nucleus Gold: £357 + VAT

One Nucleus Silver: £433.50 + VAT

Non-Member: £510 + VAT

Biological Safety: Management and Practice 
(IOSH Approved)


The course is predominantly aimed at those fairly new to the role and mostly focuses on work at ACDP containment levels 1 and 2 and work with GMOs. However, experienced BSO will also benefit from the course.


A two day course.
Objectives To improve your knowledge of Biosafety and consequently develop the competency and confidence to perform your role as a Biological Safety Officer more effectively. The course is predominantly aimed at those fairly new to the role and mostly focuses on work at ACDP containment levels 1 and 2 and work with GMOs. However, experienced BSO's will also benefit from the course. 



Safety Training

Costs One Nucleus Gold Members: £714 + VAT

One Nucleus Silver Members: £867 + VAT

One Nucleus Non members: £1020 + VAT

Health and Safety for Committee Members and Representatives


Appointed H&S representatives or safety committee members (up to 12).


A half day course.


To provide participants with an up to date knowledge of health and safety legislation and an ability to apply of risk management principles in the workplace. This will enable participants to act as competent and more effective health and safety representatives, with the ability to influence company health and safety performance.


One Nucleus Gold: £213.50 + VAT

One Nucleus Silver: £259.25 + VAT

Non Member: £305 + VAT


Laboratory Health and Safety


Laboratory safety representatives or laboratory workers.


A one day course.


This one-day intensive course is all about health and safety in the laboratory setting. Using lots of practical examples and scenarios from different laboratories, participants will learn about health and safety legislation and the principles of safe working as it applies to them.

As this course is designed to be as relevant to participants own working environments as possible, a small amount of preparatory work is required before attending.


Learning Outcomes


After attending this course participants will:

- understand why safety is important

- have a basic understanding of health and safety legislation

- understand and be able to apply the principles of risk assessment

- understand the main requirements of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002 (as amended). 

- identify how the Dangerous Substances and Explosives Atmospheres Regulations 2002 apply to their laboratory.

- have an understanding of appropriate safe working practices in the laboratory 

- be able to identify the main health and safety risks in their laboratories and the reasons to control those risks.

- be able to take appropriate action in the event of an accident or spillage including reporting and investigating accidents

- identify the health and safety implications associated with lifting and handling and with repetitive tasks including ergonomic risks in the laboratory.

- have drawn up an Action Plan for taking forward learning points.


One Nucleus Gold Members: £213.50 + VAT

One Nucleus Silver members: £259.25 + VAT

One Nucleus non members: £305 + VAT