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CALBIO2013 is a statewide conference that has a global focus on bringing together the life sciences sector in California and targeting delegates from around the world - nearly 1,100 company executives, innovators, government representatives, medical research and disease foundation representatives, university transfer officers, philanthropists and investors will attend.

. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies from California and globally, interested in exchange of best business and operational practices as well as non-profit/for-profit collaborations necessary for the successful commercialization of new therapies

. Investors from across the United States and abroad seeking to invest their funds in a targeted, efficient, and effective manner

. Medical research foundations and institutes that are outcomes-driven and strategic in their allocation of resources

. Thought leaders and innovators with diverse experiences and expertise all committed to expediting the research and development process

. University transfer offices focused on facilitating the transfer of university-developed research results to industry for commercial development purposes

An improved feature this year - Business Partnering:

There is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. Business Partnering at CALBIO2013 will help attendees to maximise their time and meeting opportunities at the Conference. Once registered for the conference, attendees will be given access to an online dating tool that will allow you to perform quick and advanced searches of companies, products and individual conference attendees to best identify potential business partners.