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Cambridge Research Biochemicals

This page contains contact and information on the Cambridge Research Biochemicals Ltd (CRB) Support Supply Agreement for Custom-Made Peptides and Antibodies.

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CRB’s core business is the chemical synthesis of peptides and the custom production of polyclonal antibodies.

Peptides and antibodies are different forms of proteins. As proteins control every process essential for life, discovering more about how they work and how they help the body fight disease and infection, is crucial for furthering medical research, drug development and health care provision.

All CRB’s products are used purely for medical research purposes — primarily drug discovery and disease research — either by commercial organisations or academic institutes. We do not sell them to be used directly on patients.

Your Key Contacts


Role      Contact Email               Telephone
Commercial Director
Emily Humphrys
01642 567180


To take advantage of this offer please contact Emily for more information.