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Welcome to all One Nucleus Members.

This page contains contact and information on the Clustermarket Support Supply Agreement.

Click on the logo above for further information on what Clustermarket can offer members. 

Clustermarket is an online marketplace helping scientists, engineers and other technology pioneers to rent lab equipment from nearby institutions and to find the best service providers. The equipment and services listed on Clustermarket are offered by leading universities, other research institutions and businesses.

For more complex or uncertain requirements Clustermarket offers a free concierge service with advice from our Scientific Liaison Manager. 

Your Key Contacts


Role      Contact Email               Telephone
Head of Sales and Marketing
Tobias Wingbermuehle
+44 7397921257


Clustermarket offers OneNucleus Silver/Gold Members a 50% discount on Clustermarket’s commission fee for each order on Clustermarket.