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UL Compliance to Performance

Telephone: 609 216 8392/609 213 5567

For over 30 years, UL Compliance to Performance has provided GXP and audit readiness solutions to many of the world's leading Life Science companies. Our comprehensive compliance and quality management approach integrates technology, content and professional services, designed specifically to help clients in the Life Science Industry successfully evolve from simply meeting Compliance and audit requirements to achieving high levels of product quality performance as they market their products to the US and the EU. We provide solutions based from a combination of advisory solutions delivered by local SME’s and a strong modular SaaS/Cloud technology platform that features ComplianceWire®, our 21 CFR and Annex 11-validated fully scalable Learning Management System. Our clients benefit from the same Learning Management Technology that we partner with the US FDA to train over 35,000 investigators globally.