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Welcome to all One Nucleus Members

Labmode are the main UK agents for Taylor Wharton cryogenics products and can offer consultation and advice on sample storage solutions through to installation of biobanking sample storage facilities in the UK and worldwide. We are focused on providing storage solutions not just liquid nitrogen delivery systems. Labmode can supply all areas of a cryogenic installation with the key drivers being: end-user safety, ergonomics, and providing the most efficient installation possible. Products we supply:

Vapour or liquid phase sample storage vessels from small capacity to 94,000 cryovials
Small LN2 dewars (4-50L)
Mobile LN2 cylinders (70 to 240L)
Bulk Tanks (Micro-bulk from 250-2000L, and Bulk Tanks up to 10,000L)
Associated Pipework - Super Insulated Vacuum Line (SIVL)
Internal Take-Off Points
Low level air extract ventilation system
Internal cylinder auto-fill system
Oxygen monitoring safety systems with integrated alarms and emergency shut downs
Portable oxygen depletion monitors
Protective clothing
Data logging and web based alert communications
End-user Training
Cryogenics Safety Talks
Site Surveys to review existing cryogenics storage facilities

The Taylor Wharton Labs Series of Vapour Phase Storage tanks can offer: improved end-user safety and ergonomics, reduced LN2 consumption, and use less floor space providing an excellent improvement to new or existing facilities that may have lots of smaller individual storage tanks. When combining a complete cryogenics installation from bulk tank to sample storage vessel, we believe we can offer an extremely safe and efficient sample storage solution

Other associated products include:

·        Custom Inventory Control Systems (racking) 
·        Sample Tracking Software & Bar Code Readers
·        Laboratory Monitoring Systems

Description of service: Silver Members will receive a 15% discount and Gold Members 20% discount on Taylor Wharton products. Cryogenics Projects will be POA 

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David Woodley
07825 711 987