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Membership and Governance

How are we governed?
The SIGs policy was established and is continually reviewed by a Steering Committee, made up of volunteers from among our member companies. The Steering Committee meets several times in any one year. Management of the logistics of the SIG is done by the One Nucelus Training Manager (who is also a Steering Committee member).


Membership and participation
At present participation in the SIG is available free of charge to Gold members. We are currently discussing opening aspects of the SIG to Silver Members for a small fee. If you wish to add your views to this discussion, please contact us here.


We welcome offers of sponsorship from public sector bodies, mid/large BioPharma companies or Pharma service organisations. Our policy in seeking sponsorship from commercial organisations is to work primarily with those who employ project and alliance managers, rather than consulting companies.

We do however feature consulting and training suppliers from time to time as invitees to our programme events.