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MoneyMover is an online foreign exchange and global payments platform specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It immediately cuts the costs of making currency payments and inter-account transfers by up to 90% in comparison with bank transfers. 

The service is transparent, low-cost and simple to use, with a web interface and functionality which have been developed to meet the requirements of SMEs, such as payment tracking, live quotes and complete costs transparency. There is no commitment, no minimum term and no membership fee. We’re upfront with our costs, transparent with your rates, and keep you informed during your transaction, so you always where your money is.


- £1000<£10000 Standard tariff: 1% One Nucleus member tariff: 0.9%
- £10001<£100000 Standard tariff: 0.75% One Nucleus member tariff: 0.675%
- £100001+ Standard tariff: 0.50% One Nucleus member tariff: 0.45%

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