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New CRACK IT Solution: BrainBitsĀ®: Processing of Primary Rat and Mouse Tissues / Cells

08 January 2018

BrainBits® provides dissected tissues from rats and mice, facilitating research requiring these primary tissues by using standardised protocols for every procedure.

BrainBits® is seeking industrial and academic collaborators that require a reliable source of primary rat and mouse tissue and cells for research. They are keen to explore novel applications of cells and tissues to help develop new or existing technology platforms, drugs, therapies, or screening tools / protocols. BrainBits® will work directly with researchers to refine techniques, formulate unique medias, and create specific protocols for isolation and use of new tissue and cell types to meet their research needs.

This could reduce the use of mice and rats needed to deliver primary cells globally by up to 50% by better coordinating dissections and the provision of multiple tissue types from a single animal.

To find out more and contact the technology developers: