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Top Tips from One Nucleus Event - How to Engage with the Media

09 August 2018

Despite feeling the stupidest person in the room: with only one degree, and just two letters to my name, I really enjoyed the ‘How to engage with the Media’ event organised by One Nucleus and hosted by Instinctif. I picked up some good tips worth sharing. PR continues to be a powerful weapon in your marketing armoury, so, top tips on ‘how to engage with the media’ courtesy of Clive Cookson of the FT; Sabbah Meddings of the Sunday Times; Amber Tony of Endpoint and Lucie Ellis of InVivo:

  • Carefully- you’re on the record unless you say you’re not at the beginning of the conversation;
  • With a story that answers ‘so what?’;
  • With a story that affects the life of a given audience- with an angle towards that audience;
  • With a story that significantly shifts the value, or perception, of a company;
  • Continued here...