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Cambridge Ion Channel Forum

12:00 - 17:00

MedImmune Milstein Building, Granta Park, Cambridge CB21 6GH
21 April 2017
Acknowledging the importance for scientists to have an open discussion forum, One Nucleus is joining forces with Metrion and MedImmune to bring together the 4th Cambridge Ion Channel Forum.


The Cambridge Ion Channel Forum aims to bring together scientists working on ion channel projects across industry and academia from the Cambridge and London area. The focus is on open discussion and collaboration, without bias, and includes an opportunity for networking.  

There will also be an opportunity for attendees to present their research at the poster session.

Whilst free to attend, the conference is reserved for scientists and attendance is strictly upon confirmation of a registration request. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any registration.

Please contact Aline, for any further information on registration or submitting a poster abstract. 


12.00 - Registration and Networking Lunch / Poster Session 

13.15 - Welcome from the Hosts

13.20 - Nav1.7 as an Analgesic Drug Target
John Wood, University College London 

14.20 - Mechanistic Insight into P2X4 Function Modifying Antibodies
John Linley, MedImmune

14.55 - Coffee Break / Poster Session

15.30- Strategies and Methods to Deliver Ion Channel Reagents for Antibody Discovery
Michael Mullin, GlaxoSmithKline

- Mechanistic Stratification of Visceral Pain Using Human Tissue
David Bulmer, University of Cambridge

16.40 - Mind the Gap: Translational Neuroscience at Metrion
Tony Rush, Metrion

17.15 - Closing Remarks

17.20 - End  
Title: Cambridge Ion Channel Forum
Start: 2017-04-21 12:00:00Z
End: 2017-04-21 17:00:00Z