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ABCEurope Infection & Immunity Technology Showcase

Registration for this event does not give you access to the Genesis Conference which is being held on the same day at the same venue.

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster
01 December 2011

European researchers from academia and SMEs will be presenting their innovative technologies in the field of infectious diseases and immunity which are available for licensing or collaborative research projects.

Attendance at this event is free but doesn’t give you access to the Genesis conference. Whether you are a Genesis delegate or just want to attend this event, you must register online.
Targeted audience is R&D companies only, academics and investors. Organisers reserve the right to decide upon admission.


14.00 - Welcome and Introduction, Prof. Colin R. Howard

14.15 - “Encaging the pro-inflammatory danger by natural humoral immunity”
Dr Anna Frostegård, Medirista Biotechnologies, Sweden

14.35 - “Immunotherapy of Cancer and Chronic Infection”
Prof. Hans Stauss, UCL, UK

14.55 - “Development of a novel food ingredient for the prevention of rotavirus infections”
Prof. David Lembo, Rotalactis, Italy

15.15 - “Development of novel antibiotic technology”
Dr Heather Fairhead, Phico Therapeutics, UK

15.35 -
Coffee break

16.00 - “Detection and monitoring of industrial workers for allergic rhinitis and asthma”
Dr Paul Rodgers, ProteinLogic, UK

16.20 - “Identification of a novel gene expression-based biomarker that predicts prognosis in autoimmune and inflammatory disease”
Dr Paul Lyons, University of Cambridge, UK

16.40 -  “A new concept in cancer vaccine immune monitoring: The detection of new immune response and epitope spreading under vaccination via peptide arrays”
Dr Paul von Hoegen, JPT Peptide Technologies, Germany

17.00 - “Development of a novel peptide for decolonisation of MRSA carriage”
Dr Mathew Upton, University of Manchester, UK

17.20 - Conclusions, Prof. Ken Powell
Title: ABCEurope Infection & Immunity Technology Showcase
Start: 2011-12-01 14:00:00Z
End: 2011-12-01 17:30:00Z