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Finance Your Growth - a Breakfast Seminar hosted by Penningtons Manches and PwC on 18 January 2018

18 January 2018

Are you a growing company considering your next options for capital?

Penningtons Manches and PwC are co-hosting a series of breakfast seminars for growing companies considering their next options for capital. A panel of experts will present on the key investment criteria that they look for when investing from seed funding through to capital markets.

The panel includes:
  • David Gill - Managing Director at St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge
  • Amelia Armour - EIS Investment Manager at Amadeus Capital
  • Zoe Clements - Partner at Palatine Private Equity
  • Marcus Stuttard - Head of AIM at London Stock Exchange
  • Stephen Hart - Deals Team Leader at PwC
  • Ross McNaughton - Partner at Penningtons Manches

Topics of discussion will include how you can prepare and manage for each stage of your future capital raises, as well as:

  • understanding the metrics applied by investors at each growth stage
  • the different key investment terms and protections sought by investors at each stage
  • how to differentiate between investors and what they can offer, including US / UK variances

This is an excellent opportunity to prepare and position your business, both for any immediate capital raises that you might be contemplating but also down the line as you continue to grow.

For further details or to register, please email Claire Wood or call Claire on 01256 407126.