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Using Public Data Resources to Build a Business Model - FREE to Attend

18 July 2018

Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge (EPOC)
Venue: Postdoc Centre, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1SB

Have you ever wondered how you can start a company from freely available public resources?

EPOC has teamed up with Repositive, One Nucleus, and ELIXIR UK to explore how public bioinformatics infrastructures support innovation in the life sciences and generate revenue.
The evening will include talks by ELIXIR UK describing the entrepreneurial environment of public data resources and the types of business models that can be leveraged to start-up a company. The Cambridge based company Repositive will act as a real-life example of a company operating in this innovation space and show how a collaborative and open approach can help to tackle the most challenging scientific questions. One Nucleus will conclude the evening with a talk on how industry associations can support academics, start-ups, SMEs and large multinational companies in their pursuit. The talks will be followed by a panel discussion, Food and Drinks.

Speakers Include:

Charlotte Whicher (Product Manager, Repositive)
Katharina Lauer (Industry Officer, ELIXIR)
Aline Charpentier (Head of Business Development, One Nucleus)

Sponsorship opportunities are available at this event, please contact Srishti Gupta for more information.