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Coaching Skills for Managers


16 October 2018

Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching Skills for Managers is a workshop aimed at line managers, project managers and all leaders in the Life Sciences sector who have the responsibility to get the best out of their employees and team members.
Duration A one day course.   
Objectives The workshop is highly interactive and practical. It aims to develop delegates’ skills and confidence for getting the best out of every employee; to learn and practise how to turn on individual productivity and to help people grow and reach their full potential. 

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  1. Appreciate their role as manager and coach and be able to take full advantage of coaching opportunities in both formal and informal settings. 
  2. Know what coaching is, and is not, and be able to draw from a spectrum of coaching approaches when tackling common scenarios in the workplace.
  3. Have honed and practiced the three key skills for effective coaching: listening to understand, asking powerful questions and delivering effective feedback.
  4. Understand the importance of an active coaching mind-set as the basis for effective coaching.
  5. Have a personal action plan for implementing broader coaching practices.

Content This one day workshop will involve input, facilitated discussion, group work and skills practice, covering the following content:

  • What is coaching, when to coach, why coaching works and the role of the manager as coach
  • The coaching spectrum – directive vs. non-directive and the link to Situational Leadership
  • Developing a coaching mind-set
  • Coaching skills – active listening, listening for understanding, techniques and approaches for powerful questioning and delivering effective feedback
  • Practice, observation and peer feedback using real coaching goals and work based scenarios 
  • Action planning based on the 5 steps of behaviour change.

Follow up The acquisition of new skills is just the beginning – structured and meaningful follow-up will help to ensure greater likelihood of lasting behavioural change.  

Each delegate on Coaching Skills for Managers will:

  1. Create a personal action plan. 
  2. ‘Buddie up’ with another participant to create a learning group for post event support and challenge.
  3. Be sent a reminder card in the post 7 days after the course to reinforce their personal actions from the course.
  4. Have the opportunity of a 30-minute follow-up call with the tutor (4 weeks after the event) to review successes and help with any ongoing coaching challenges.
  5. Be encouraged to take the outcomes and lessons from the course into a development discussion with their manager: to consider adding a coaching-based development goal to their personal development goals.

 “The purpose of leadership is to create more leaders, not followers” -  Ralph Nader

Training provided by

Please get in touch with the training provider at, tel: +44 (0)7876 130 817 for availability and costs. 

Participants can join one of the open programmes, or alternatively, the course can be delivered in-house.
Title: Coaching Skills for Managers
Start: 2018-10-16 09:00:00Z
End: 2018-10-16 17:00:00Z