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Presentation Skills for Scientists


The Portway, Granta Park, Cambridge CB21 6GS
30 January 2019

Presentation Skills for Scientists


Junior research scientists (all disciplines) from academia and industry, particularly those starting to present their work at conferences and seminars. It is also useful for scientists who want to present technical material to companies or investors.


A one day course for Scientific professionals.
Maximum 10 delegates.


To help delegates to identify their strengths and weaknesses in presenting a scientific talk, both in verbal delivery and in the organisation of visual material. 

To provide detailed guidance on both of the above aspects of scientific presentation so that delegates can use this for their own professional development.   
Content The one day course, unlike many presentation skills courses, is designed specifically for the practising scientist. We cover all aspects of verbal scientific communication, asking delegates to present their own research in a conference format prompting feedback on style and content. Because of our expertise in both science and communication skills, we help to solve common problems (such as nervousness and voice control), as well as those unique to scientists presenting the results of their research.

The day begins with practical instruction on key topics associated with slide content and the process of verbal delivery. Each delegate is then asked to deliver a short scientific presentation with digital slides and to answer questions. The whole process is filmed and played back to highlight positive aspects of delivery style and talk content, as well as to identify areas that require improvement. 

We usually recommend that a maximum of ten delegates attend each session to ensure that each individual gets as much attention as possible. The trainers Ed Zanders and Lindsay MacLeod have written Presentation Skills for Scientists - a Practical Guide which delegates will receive at the end of their course.

One Nucleus Gold Members: £357 + VAT
One Nucleus Silver Members: £433.50  + VAT
One Nucleus Non Members: £510 + VAT

Title: Presentation Skills for Scientists
Start: 2019-01-30 09:00:00Z
End: 2019-01-30 17:00:00Z