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Understanding Business Finance

Understanding Business Finance


Anyone who wants to understand how businesses work financially.  You may be a manager controlling a budget through to a business leader wanting to engage with more confidence the financial experts within and supporting your organisation.


A one day course.


By the end of this programme delegates will:

• Understand what drives business from a financial perspective

• Understand the key terminology and concepts

•Understand what you can do on a daily basis that enables you to contribute to the financial well-being of you company

• Be able to look at a simple set of published accounts and start to understand what they indicate.

Programme The Business Model

• Sources of capital and their implications

• Shareholder expectations

• Why controlling working capital and cash flow is critical

• Getting behind financial terminology

• Where can your everyday activity make a difference?


• A model of profitability

• Why it is important

• What can you do that maximises profitability

Published and Management Accounts

• Profit and loss accounts and balance sheets, understanding structure, jargon, what they show and what they don’t

• Accruals and pre-payments and why they matter

• Management accounts – the manager’s role

Analysis Tools

• How businesses analyse the numbers and what they indicate.

One Nucleus Gold Members: £357 + VAT

One Nucleus Silver Members: £433.50 + VAT

One Nucleus Non members: £510+ VAT