2019 CRACK IT Challenges announced

The 2019 CRACK IT Challenges competition consists of three Challenges identified jointly by the NC3Rs and Sponsors.

- Challenge 32 Transgene Track: (Two Phase Challenge Sponsored by GSK and Novartis).
- Challenge 33 CleanCut: (Two Phase Challenge Sponsored by Novartis, Bayer and Takeda).
- Challenge 34 Sharp and to the Point: (Single Phase Challenge Sponsored by AstraZeneca, GSK, The University of Sheffield and The Royal Veterinary College).

Full details of the Challenges and Sponsors can be found here: https://nc3rs.org.uk/crackit/view-challenges.

We are hosting an event to launch the competition in central London on 11 September 2019, providing access to potential new partners and to the Challenge Sponsors.

This event is free to attend but registration is essential. The deadline for registration is 4 September 2019. https://nc3rs.org.uk/crackit/challenges#crack-it-challenges-launch-event....

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