Crescendo Biologics: Research Assistant - Lead Isolation

JOB PURPOSE: Select, isolate and characterise lead single domain antibodies (Humabody VH) against a range of therapeutic targets through the immunisation of Crescendo’s proprietary mouse platform and selection of immunised libraries using in vitro display technologies.


Contribute to early stage antibody discovery including designing and implementing selection and immunisation strategies for new programs and evaluation of new technologies.

Perform in vitro selections using both phage and yeast display to identify panels of lead humabodies.

Contribution to the development and optimisation of in vitro display platforms within Crescendo.

Characterise panels of monovalent and formatted humabodies using a range of techniques including Octet and BIAcore

Build immunised humabody libraries for use with both phage and yeast display platforms.

Liaise with our external contract research organisation partners to co-ordinate immunisation of our transgenic mouse platform against therapeutic targets.

Work in cross-functional project teams taking responsibility for providing scientific and technical expertise to ensure timely delivery of analysed data

Work flexibly as part of a high performing team of Lead Isolation scientists.


Education and Experience
• BSc plus relevant experience. Higher degree would be an advantage.
• Background in therapeutic antibody discovery preferred.
• Experience of lead isolation of antibodies using in vitro display technologies preferred.
• Expertise in the design of experiments, interpretation of data and trouble shooting.
• Experience of working in cross-functional project teams and managing pieces of work to deliver data in a timely manner and presentations to project and company
meetings as required.

Skills and Knowledge
• In depth knowledge of molecular biology (e.g. mRNA extraction and cDNA preparation, PCR, cloning, antibody sequence analysis)

• At least one of:

Experience of in vitro display using either phage or yeast display
Experience of characterising the kinetics of antibody-antigen interactions using methods such as BIAcore and Octet
Experience of working with alternative (non-mAb) antibody formats (e.g. bispecific or single domain antibody) would be a benefit
Ability to work with sequence and data analysis tools (e.g. Genedata)

• Highly organised with good attention to detail, able to prioritise work, work well under pressure and meet deadlines.
• Ability to work in a flexible, collaborative style with colleagues and teams within the company, as well as with external advisors, service providers and collaborators.
• Ability to innovate and incorporate new technologies into the antibody discovery process.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Excellent abilities in record keeping and maintenance of clearly written laboratory notebooks to a standard required for publications and patent filings.
• Able to work independently, and design, execute and troubleshoot plans to generate results.
• Motivated by science and antibody drug discovery.

Application Instructions: 

Please apply in writing by sending a covering letter together with a copy of your up to date CV to HR Dept Email:

Application Closing Date: 
28 February