MicrofluidX Limited: Bioprocessing Technician

Contact : James Kusena – james@microfluidx.co.uk

Position Title: Bioprocessing Technician

Location: University of Hertfordshire
Duration: Full Time

Reports to: Head of Bioprocessing

About MicrofluidX:
MicrofluidX is tackling the problems of process control, scalability, and cost associated with cell bioprocessing, in particular for autologous cell and gene therapy. MicrofluidX is currently developing an automated, closed technology to allow biologists to easily carry out process development by running dozens of cell culture conditions in parallel with extreme process control, and to scale up seamlessly up to several billion cells for manufacturing at a fraction of the current costs.

Position Overview:
The successful candidate will assist in designing and carrying out mammalian cell culture operations such as expansion, transduction and harvesting. Data from the experiments will be collected and analysed to inform design changes and process improvements for the technology in development. Comparative runs of the in-house technology against existing technologies and modes of cell culture will be carried out. The candidate will be involved in requisition and procurement of consumables to maintain stock levels; team design meetings; and performing general laboratory tasks. This is an exciting opportunity to develop skills in a dynamic start-up environment and gain experience of working within the cell & gene therapy and biotechnology industry as part of a young and ambitious team.

Responsibilities and duties:
Cell culture: seeding, expansion, transduction and differentiation
Data collection: microscopy, cell viability, cell phenotyping, gene expression Data analysis of cell culture experiments and collected data

You must hold a BSc, or equivalent, in Biology or relevant discipline. Experience in aseptic mammalian tissue culture and molecular biology are essential.

(Essential = E; Preferred = P)

(E) Experience with immune cells or any of the following cell lines/types: Jurkat, hESCs, HEK293 (E) +2 years of industry experience in aseptic mammalian cell culture, cell transduction/transfection (e.g. viral and non-viral methods) and sample processing

(E) Experience with Molecular Biology techniques such as e.g. PCR, immunohistochemistry

(E) Experience with bioreactors such as stirred tanks, bags, or hollow-fibers (e.g. GE Wave, G-Rex, Dasgip, Miltenyi Prodigy, iCELLis, Terumo Quantum)

(E) Responsible attitude, self-motivated and excellent organisational & communication skills

(P) Experience with microfluidic cell culture

(P) Experience writing SOPs, Risk Assessments, Lab Reports

(P) Experience with process and technology transfer

Salary: Competitive salary based on experience.

Application Instructions: 
Application Closing Date: 
30 April