Senior Scientist in Assay Development / Screening strategies for small molecules drug discovery

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We are proud to collaborate with an innovative biotech company, which is looking for:

Senior Scientist in Assay Development

Location: Poland

This time we team up with an innovative company, focused on some ground-breaking research on degraders of difficult-to-drug molecular targets – a group of ambitious people, looking to make an impact on global biotech market with their original ideas.
Our Client is looking for an established senior scientist, expert in Assay Development, person skilled and proficient in working with all range of biophysics assays.
This is a wonderful opportunity for a skilled and technically accomplished individual, to join a Company developing world-changing therapies in oncology.


• Leading the design and execution of screening strategies for the hit-to-lead programs in the field of small molecule drug discovery
• Execution of experiments and providing leadership to junior team members in the field of:
o development of cellular, biochemical and biophysical assays in formats are suitable for semi- and fully-automated high-throughput screening in 384 or 1536-well plates
o execution of high-throughput screens
o analyses of screening results an upscaling, as well as miniaturization of screening
o presenting data to team members
o mentoring
• Hands-on laboratory work is part of the job
• Working within Biology Department and cooperation with Medicinal Chemistry
• Performing immunoenzymatic tests and biochemical activity assays on different classes of enzymes


• MSc or PhD in Biological Sciences or related disciplines and minimum of 5 years of post-graduate experience in academia or industry
• Knowledge and experience assay development and execution, especially biochemical, cellular, and biophysical assays and high-throughput screening in multiwell plates
• Experience in working with all range of biophysics assays including luminescent and fluorescent techniques, TR-FRET, BRET, Alpha Technology
• Knowledge and experience in molecular biology, protein chemistry, cellular biology, especially mammalian cell cultures, transfection of mammalian cell lines, cell-based assays for diverse signaling and metabolic pathways
• Ability to work with people of different scientific backgrounds, ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment

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10 February