Senior Software Engineer - Perl

Job Purpose
To develop new features and enhancements to the legacy Perl components of the Congenica product.

Main Responsibilities
• Design, code and unit test new product features and enhancements.
• Fix bugs raised by customers and internal teams such as system test.
• Set a good standard of development procedures for other developers to follow.
• Review code written by more junior members of the team.
• Develop subject matter expertise in one or more areas of the system.

Employee Profile
Essential – Attributes candidate must have on entering the role

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
• Very strong understanding of Modern Perl
• Strong understanding and experience of DBIx::Class and PostgreSQL
• Strong understanding of at least one Perl web framework (Catalyst, Dancer, Mojolicious)
Related Experience
• Experience of writing maintainable web applications within an MVC framework
• Experience of developing flexible API endpoints using a dynamic scripting language
Behavioural Qualities
• Friendly, approachable and builds positive personal and organisational relationships
• Self-motivated and results-driven, problem-solver
• Enthusiastic, hardworking, well organised and able to prioritise
• Able to work with others, and willing to contribute to team
• Professional appearance and able to produce high standards of work

Desirable – Attributes candidate must have on entering the role

• Degree in a computing field
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
• Experience of Template::Toolkit
• Good understanding of git
• Expert knowledge of normalised relational databases, ideally PostgreSQL
• Ability to provide architectural solutions
• Knowledge and experience using Kubernetes and Docker
• Strong knowledge of RESTful API design and surrounding best practices
• Strong knowledge of testing RESTful APIs
• Medical / biological knowledge or interest
• Experience of supporting and coaching junior staff
Related Experience
• Commercial experience of working on a Modern Perl codebase (Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Moose, Plack)
• Knowledge and experience of working in an agile/Scrum environment.

Application Instructions: 
Application Closing Date: 
31 August