Statistical/Population Geneticist

Help us deliver unparalleled insight into human health.

Location: Oxford, UK/Warsaw, Poland

Annual Salary Range £50K-£60K/year,

Why PrecisionLife?

Understanding large and diverse patient populations is crucial to our mission to identify insights that will drive forward precision medicine, by transforming our understanding of complex diseases. We focus on common chronic diseases that represent significant health burdens, economic costs, and unmet patient needs.

PrecisionLife has global ambition to impact how the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries deliver better treatments for patients through precision medicine. We collaborate with the world’s leading experts based in universities, pharmaceutical/biotech companies and healthcare organizations to hasten the innovation that will enable people to live longer, healthier lives.

We do this across multi-omic datasets by applying our unique combinatorial analytics, which capture non-linear additive interactions in genetic and metabolic networks, to stratify patients into sub-groups at the highest possible resolution. Our automated annotation workflows rapidly reveal potential mechanistic hypotheses that are tested in our partner laboratories. We see further and deeper into the complex structure of disease and can identify the factors underpinning an individual’s health risks, diseases and treatment responses.

What do we need you to do?

We need your experience to apply classical and novel genetic analytic approaches to broaden and refine our multi-omic combinatorial analyses. We want you to apply your knowledge to rigorous validation of our stratified disease analysis and further develop our methods by combining biostatistics with our proprietary combinatorial approaches.

Our unique capability of stratifying diverse, chronic disease populations at the highest possible resolution is revealing large numbers of novel targets and patient stratification biomarkers. It is informing our understanding of the biological influences on complex diseases and patients’ individual progression risk, which is of interest to healthcare systems. You may be interested to read our disease study summaries

We expect that you will have a track record of accomplishment in the areas of statistical or population genetics and/or genetic epidemiology. You will be happy to lead projects or share your proven experience within a team as needed.

These are a few things you may be working on:

  • Our unique high-performance analytical platforms, improving the resolution of patient stratification and pushing edge-case boundaries
  • Analyzing and integrating results from complex disease, genomic, epidemiological and clinical datasets
  • Delving into new and existing datasets to explain and explore data composition, structure and sparsity
  • Developing analytic methods that can benefit all people, regardless of genetic heritage
  • Creating and evaluating ways to look at and stratify risk and outcomes within patient populations

What do we look for in a PrecisionLife geneticist?

  • Expertise in building and validating applied statistical genetic techniques and analyses of genetic variation across large populations
  • Experience of analytical integration across large scale multi-omic datasets studies is valued
  • A strong background in human or statistical genetics, including implementation and challenges of risk prediction from genetic and multi-omic/clinical data
  • Experience in population-based genetic discovery in chronic diseases
  • Shared values – particularly with respect to collaboration with bioinformaticians, biologists, data scientists and domain expert colleagues and external partners

What is in our analytical toolbox?

  • PrecisionLife's unique combinatorial multi-omic analysis platform – delivering unparalleled high-resolution stratification and insight.
  • PACE - a unique array-based logic engine able to take highly complex relations for delivering accurate and scalable, real-time decision support systems.
  • A unique set of disease datasets, risk models and biological studies – providing fertile ground for other analytical techniques
  • Lots of Python, R and software expertise
  • Advanced clustering algorithms and semantic analysis tools


Who, Where, What and How?

You will be working with a high-quality team with a track record of growing and scaling businesses. Employment opportunities exist in our offices in Oxford, UK and Warsaw, Poland.

We are trusted with patients’ private healthcare data and work responsibly with the highest levels of integrity. PrecisionLife is an ISO27001 accredited business, fully committed to equal opportunities and operating a carbon neutral business. To learn more, visit:

We undertake the government mandated right to work employment checks and you will therefore need to satisfy basic eligibility criteria/certain conditions of employment (e.g. proof of nationality or right to work). You will be asked to provide appropriate original documentation to verify ID, nationality, employment and/or academic history as required.

We take your privacy very seriously; we process this data for recruitment purposes only. We store all candidate data in secured file with restricted access, and we will not share it with anyone else. Here’s a link to our privacy policy-

Application Instructions: 

Apply online at or submit a CV and personal statement to

Application Closing Date: 
31 March