Mogrify named ‘The One to Watch’ at Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards 2019

Cambridge, UK, 31st October 2019: Mogrify Ltd (Mogrify), a UK company aiming to transform the development of cell therapies, was named ‘The One to Watch’ at the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards 2019. The award recognizes the potential of their proprietary direct cellular conversion technology, enabling any mature adult cell to be transformed into any other, without going through a pluripotent stem cell or progenitor cell-state.

Mogrify’s platform takes a systematic big-data approach to identify the transcription factors (in vitro) or small molecules (in vivo), needed to convert a cell. The Company will use this platform to develop novel cell therapies addressing musculoskeletal, auto-immune, cancer immunotherapy, ocular and respiratory diseases as well as generating a broad IP position relating to cell conversions that exhibit safety, efficacy and scalable manufacturing profiles suitable for development as cell therapies.

Mogrify launched in February 2019, following a decade of world class academic research, and recently appointed Dr. Jane Osbourn, OBE as Chair and announced the close of its series A funding round, bringing the total investment to over $20 million USD to date. Mogrify is also actively recruiting, and will increase headcount to 60 scientific, operational and commercial staff located at its state-of-the-art facility on Cambridge Science Park.

Joe Foster, COO, Mogrify, said: “We are honored to have been named as ‘The One to Watch’ at this year’s Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards. We have a pioneering team of world experts at Mogrify and this award is testament to their innovation and hard work.”

Dr. Karin Schmitt, CBO, Mogrify, said: “Mogrify aims to transform cell therapy by the systematic discovery of novel cell conversions and we are delighted to have been recognized for our success to date and to have the judges’ confidence in the potential of our platform.”

The Cambridge Independent’s ‘The One to Watch’ award seeks to identify the next raft of individuals, companies and technologies that are setting the standards in innovation and entrepreneurship, pushing the boundaries of possibility and shaping the future. The award was presented to Mogrify’s CBO, Dr. Karin Schmitt and COO, Joe Foster at the award ceremony held at The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge on Wednesday, 30 October 2019.

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