All (name) change at the Babraham Research Campus

Babraham, 06 September 2021: Babraham Bioscience Technologies Ltd, which manages and develops the Babraham Research Campus on behalf of its shareholders - BBSRC and the Babraham Institute – is now known as Babraham Research Campus Ltd.

The name change more clearly reflects the activity of the organisation and is also in response to the refreshed and ambitious vision for the Campus announced in May this year.

Jo Parfrey, Chair of the Babraham Research Campus Board, says: “The new identity signals our ongoing focus on the world-class bioscience Campus at the heart of our future strategy. It clarifies the activities and the importance of the location and place behind the limited company which oversees the development and day-to-day management of the Babraham Research Campus. We are excited about continuing to develop and grow the activities at the Babraham Research Campus.”

“We are also delighted to launch our new website to accompany the name change.  The site will act as a focal point as we continue to build upon and share Campus successes, with a focus on the impact and influence of the Babraham Research Campus.”

The new site - - chronicles the story of the Campus as well as insights from the life science enterprises based in, and individuals connected with, the Campus ecosystem in their own words.

Entrepreneur and founder of Abcam,  Dr Jonathan Milner has a long, dedicated and collaborative relationship with the Babraham Research Campus, from making antibodies on Campus in the 1990s to mentoring new Accelerate@Babraham start-ups. A major part of his investment portfolio is at the Babraham Research Campus and his reflections on the influence and importance of the Campus are featured on the new site.

Jonathan says: “The biggest change at the Babraham Research Campus over the past two decades is the sheer scale of activity and triumphs. It’s astonishing how many Campus companies have gone on to become really successful and now it’s got enough scale that it really makes an impact. The Campus is a huge part of, not just the Cambridge life science ecosystem, but the UK life science industry as a whole. It’s such a privilege to be involved with the Campus and witness it become so successful over the years.”

The recently published Campus Vision and Strategy reiterates the Campus partners’ aim, which is to become one of the best places in the world for discovery bioscience research and innovation, and a leading sustainable ecosystem to start, nurture, scale and grow bioscience business. 

It sets the course for the continued development of the Campus through its strategic objectives which intend to deliver a highly connected, sustainable and dynamic ecosystem that creates new discoveries, therapeutics, jobs and growth to support the UK economy.

Discover more about the Campus Vision and Strategy and uncover stories and insights from Campus start-up and scale-up companies, the team which develops and manages the Campus, investors, mentors and the wider life science network here.



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