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Safety in the lab, working from home, employment law, contract disputes, Covid... company directors are now exposed to unprecedented liability for actions and decisions they make on behalf of their business.  This means direct exposure of the personal assets of your board members and key decision makers – including NEDs.

Tony Jones, Chief Executive Officer, One Nucleus

Tony Jones, Chief Executive Officer, One Nucleus

As always, it is a privileged part of the month where I get to be in contact with the One Nucleus network by welcoming you to our eNews.

Guest blog by Charles Richmond, F-Institute

Guest blog by Joanne Ward, Chief Operations Officer, NF2 Biosolutions UK

I haven’t written a blog before but have shared my story in case it helps others along on their journey.  They say sharing your story of how you overcome things is someone else’s survival guide!

What is a cytokine storm? 

Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS), otherwise known as cytokine storm, is a systemic inflammatory response caused by complications due to disease, infection or an adverse effect of biologic therapy. The clinical symptoms of a cytokine storm are massive release of a potent cocktail of pro-inflammatory cytokines into the general circulatory system, leading to severe multi-organ damage, failure or potentially death. This is an extremely unwanted immunotoxicological side effect in drug development.

With the majority of Live Events being put on hold for the foreseeable future, event organisers have had to rapidly adapt, often struggling to cultivate the same levels of engagement from their audiences as before. Because of this, making the most of the various digital platforms available to us is incredibly important. At Giggabox, we don’t just think of attendees of the online events we host as ‘spectators’ or ‘viewers’, but as actual ‘participants’ themselves.

Our Favourite Virtual Awards Events

With the fun and spectacular awards evenings we all look forward to being cancelled during the pandemic, Giggabox stepped up to recreate the magical experience we all love. In this article, we will discuss three of our favourite Virtual Awards Ceremonies that Giggabox has produced over the last few months, discussing what made them so successful and a joy to be a part of.

In the lead up to the annual One Nucleus ON Helix conference, which aims to bring together the network to discuss the main innovation and technology trends in healthcare research and development, we dedicated this ‘My Question Is…’ to addressing questions along the theme of Medicines Discovery in a Brave New World.

What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual Events are operated and produced completely remotely, allowing all participants to contribute from their own location.

Who is your audience?

One of the first things you need to consider when planning a Virtual Event is ‘who is your audience’. This will influence most decisions you make leading up to, and after, your Virtual Event. Think about who normally attends your events, or who you currently sell your products or services to. You want your audience to be specific and targeted for all involved to be engaged.