Guest blog by Estelle Roger, Precision for Medicine

Guest Blog Post by Sura Hussein, Senior Business Development Manager, London & Partners

Reflecting on the fabulous One Nucleus event last week #Genesis2022 I wanted to share some notes on the panel discussing the key ingredients for a successful Life sciences cluster.

The stage was an upbeat debate with the playful title which was Cambridge UK vs Cambridge MA / USA.

Guest article by RSM UK

There is growing consensus that the UK economy will remain in recession through much of 2023.

We asked our panel of middle market business leaders how prepared they feel for the oncoming difficulties. 

Guest article from RSM UK

The UK's healthcare sector is battling crippling workforce shortages and an unprecedented NHS backlog. Digital innovations will be essential to solving the most pressing health challenges of our generation.

Tuesday 1 November

Incredible research needs incredible security in a data-driven, cyber-vulnerable era. The aim of this meeting was to start building a community with an interest in sharing ideas, best practices, and latest developments on cyber security, as well as to bring it on the radar of whole organisations. Ultimately, increased confidence around cyber security policies and procedures is essential to support the science being undertaken and to drive value in our sector. Here are some of the key take-outs from the session:

Nature of Cyber Threats

Leadership for the Future of Work

Expert insights from Barry Winkless, Cpl’s CSO & Head of the Future of Work Institute Cpl.

The leadership challenge (and opportunity) in the future of work is to purposefully alter an organisation’s genetic make-up and improve it for the better.

Strong leadership teams within an organisation are essential for employee engagement, satisfaction and overall business performance. With the ‘Anatomy of a Life Science Leader’ panel discussion fast approaching at our annual Genesis conference on 7 December, we’ve been thinking about what you might need to take into consideration when hiring an effective leader. Here are some thoughts…

What is a Good Leader?

On Tuesday 15 November we had a great evening debating the opportunities and challenges creating Cell and Gene Therapies of tomorrow moderated by Tony Jon

Compared to the highs of investment seen by the sector over the past couple of years, it has felt a much harsher environment in which to raise capital in 2022.

It has been reported many times how growth, deals and collaborations are frequently stimulated via your network. Success is not simply about who you know’, although that is helpful absolutely. Based on a matrix of market insight, what you know, who you know and of course who they know is much more likely to deliver great outcomes.