It has been reported many times how growth, deals and collaborations are frequently stimulated via your network. Success is not simply about who you know’, although that is helpful absolutely. Based on a matrix of market insight, what you know, who you know and of course who they know is much more likely to deliver great outcomes.

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Leading diverse multidisciplinary teams, building trusted relationships with partners in science, establishing working collaborations, problem solving, generating new ideas, delivering complex projects, working toward a shared vision, having an environment where people want to come and work. Strong communication sits at the core of all of these things.

Guest blog post by Victoria English, Editor, MedNous, Evernow Publishing Ltd

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There’s change in the air. We’re predicting that your work and workplace will see momentous changes to meet what people expect from their employer. 




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I recently joined One Nucleus ’ BioWednesday panel to debate whether using Government R&D incentives are worth it. 

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1 in 4 people in England will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year (The Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, 2007). The more we talk about mental health the more we break down the stigma and create a safe place for people to speak out about how they are feeling. Mental health problems can affect individuals very differently and be completely invisible to others.