Take advantage of your membership to achieve great savings on a wide variety of products and services to accelerate your success – One Nucleus negotiates savings and discounts for members by leveraging the critical mass of our membership.  

Receive discounted rates on laboratory supplies, services, key industry events and more.
What’s more, we understand that Life Science procurement is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach – with One Nucleus’ savings options, you keep control of your own procurement, supplier relationships and get the best possible price.
Flexible and with real network buying power, Gold members benefit from: 
• Savings – get the advantages of a large company using the power of the ON network which has a combined spend of £7m.
• Control over your own procurement, which is key to R&D operations
• Direct relationships with your suppliers, including access to services which are customised to your needs.
• Gold Members using Fisher Scientific also receive a growth rebate on their annual spending at the end of the year. The overall savings made easily cover the cost of a Gold Membership. See a breakdown in savings per company size here
Simply click on the relevant saving options below to find out more…

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