Connecting and meeting with peers is a vital part of business practice and our range of forums is designed to meet the needs of our network in terms of content, format, timing and modes of delivery. Our conferences and events provide the ideal platform for business-to-business interactions. The Covid-19 disruption forced us all to experience the shift to virtual events so our events portfolio now has both face-to-face and online events, in a balanced approach to share key information, debate emerging trends, generate new relationships and maximise accessibility to our community irrespective of geography. Events include:


Monthly opportunities for a broad range of members and non-members to come together for peer-to-peer debate around current trends, challenges and opportunities within the sector. 2020 demonstrated these events worked extremely well online with high participation and discussion.  

Networking Mixers

Evolving from our ‘Pub Socials’ started in April 2011 this brings together our network informally. Many great deals, careers and ideas are forged in the bar!

Innovation Seminars

Built in partnership with our Partners and Sponsors, each event brings a mix of presentations and debate around key technical or business challenges in the sector. Often free to attend and by invitation only, range from closed roundtable meetings to full-day seminars. 

Partnering Days

These sessions create the platform enabling business development and technology scouting teams to engage with our network of early-stage R&D companies and institutions. Each one bespoke, they can contain one or more of corporate presentation and wish list, external expert speakers to stimulate engagement, 1-2-1 partnering and targeted follow-up mechanisms. 

Collaborative Events

Facilitating the convergence of our network with complementary networks from related technology fields or different geographies is an effective means to help our members build those all-important new relationships. One Nucleus maintains strong collaborative relationships with a multitude of such groups, both across the UK and internationally for just this sort of member-to-member connectivity with organisations like us. 

One Nucleus Conferences

The focal points of the One Nucleus events calendar. With free digital attendance for each One Nucleus member company, these larger gatherings provide the ideal opportunity to connect at scale. Our main events are:

ON Helix - focussing on translational research and the ecosystems that enable it.

Genesis – our largest annual event focussing on investment, technology development and deal trends in the sector.

Building Life Science Adventures – debating how great careers are created and nurtured in great companies.

For more information, please contact Alicia Gailliez, Business Development Manager