Improving ESG Principles and Awareness in the Life Sciences

The perceived significance of ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) factors has increased across all business sectors over recent years as global matters such as climate change, diversity and corporate accountability have received greater coverage. For most businesses these factors have always been considered, not least since they contribute to the best business performance. Life Sciences is not outside of these impacts as greater attention is paid to them by investors, collaborators, those procuring supplies and services and employees/recruits. 

During recent One Nucleus events and other meetings, the question has arisen not infrequently of what One Nucleus is or could be doing to promote good practice and encourage adoption among our members and wider network. Creating a framework of how we can deliver the above, expecting ourselves to adhere to such things where appropriate feel like a mechanism to play our part. Such a framework statement could appear as follows: 

Working with our One Nucleus members to inform good practice in the areas of (i) sustainability; (ii) equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I); and (iii) governance we will:

  • Connect members with experts in the required discipline to discuss their objectives, strategies, and resources for launching or strengthening their ESG initiatives.  
  • Share best practices throughout our network, highlighting case studies and data sources.
  • Deliver events to present and debate best practice in corporate governance.
  • Bring our network together for inclusive and open dialogues around how to be an Employer of Choice.
  • Promote good practice and secure collaborators able to support our members in their drive to reduce their environmental impact aiming for ‘Net Zero’.
  • Disseminate information regarding public sector such as grant funding to support businesses in implementing such measures.
  • Create an online resource centre where members can access further information on-demand
  • Lead by example

Tony Jones 03/06/2021

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