Alpha MD and Liberate Ideas Establish a Partnership to Launch Liberate Health patient education platform in the UK’s NHS.

NEW YORK, NY & LONDON, UK, April 30th 2019 (Newswire) -- Alpha MD, a London-based global leader in healthcare research analytics and consulting, and Liberate Ideas, Inc. the leading provider of digital patient education for physicians, announce today a partnership agreement in order to initiate integration of Liberate Health in the UK’s National Health Service(NHS).

Liberate Health is a fast-growing healthcare professional digital patient education platform that has been proven to increase the effectiveness of the education encounter and, more importantly, reduce the time required by the HCP to educate patients.

“The partnership between Alpha MD and Liberate offers us a tremendous opportunity to synchronize the services we offer in the UK,” said Alpha MD CEO Jignesh Barasara. “We currently provide our institutional clients with an array of clinical research, education & analytics solutions to help improve their efficiency -- and Liberate adds great value to that offering.” “We are in talks to obtain desired funding to make Liberate platform agnostic to UK healthcare requirements”, Jignesh added.

Every healthcare institution is looking to enhance the effectiveness of their interactions with patients to improve health outcomes and reduce cost. BMJ, a global healthcare knowledge provider, states, “Educating patients by providing them with accurate and understandable information enables them to take greater control, potentially reducing readmission rates, and unplanned visits to secondary services whilst providing safer care and improving patient satisfaction.1” Liberate uniquely provides content that is built by both medical thought leaders and health literacy experts. Using the Liberate health platform has been shown to reduce time required to educate, improve both education outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Liberate CEO Richard Nordstrom added, “I am very excited about this business building partnership with Alpha MD that significantly increases Liberates global footprint in two important markets, including the UK and India. The point of care education market is a global imperative. Our clients are striving for deeper patient engagement to improve health outcomes as well as enhanced healthcare professional efficiency and effectiveness. The timing is right for this unique partnership and the broadened services it offers NHS institutions and healthcare professionals in the UK.”

National Health Service (NHS) is the publicly funded national healthcare system for England and one of the four National Health Services for each constituent country of the United Kingdom with 150,000 doctors in total and over 320,000 nurses and midwives. It is the largest single-payer healthcare system in the world.

About Alpha MD
Alpha MD are Healthcare Specialists and Commercial Experts with a focus on societal well-being . Our team comprises Medical Doctors, Public Health experts, PhDs, Health System experts, Marketing & Finance consultants, Economists, Statisticians, and Pharmacy experts. Together we provide Global services in Development, Market Access, and Strategic Consulting We work with various stakeholders to better the life of every individual patient. The team is also structured carefully so we do not miss out on making little differences to people's lives; our mission is to ensure a healthy tomorrow.
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About Liberate Ideas, Inc.
Founded in 2013, Liberate Ideas, Inc. is a Delaware based Corp driven by the mission to improve health outcomes. By creating a host of mobile and web-based, point-of-care patient education platforms that are continually updated, Liberate Health delivers digital tools into the hands of healthcare professionals and their patients; enabling all to harnesses actionable, real-time data to drive insights.
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1. Nicholson Thomas E, et al. BMJ Quality Improvement Reports 2017;6:u207103.w3042. doi:10.1136/bmjquality.u207103.w3042

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