Apply to present at the 2019 Babraham Investor Conference

Babraham Research Campus is offering companies seeking funding the opportunity to present at its 10th investor conference

Babraham 18th March 2018: The Babraham Investor Conference (BIC) is back to bring together like-minded investors focussed on early-stage and scale-up life science and med-tech opportunities.

And now, companies seeking funding of between £250K to £20M have the opportunity to pitch to an audience of potential investors on 15 May at the Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge.

Presenting slots are 15 minutes each, including Q&A. There is also ample time for networking in-between sessions and the opportunity to have an exhibition stand.

“This is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs wanting financial support to start-up or scale-up a life science or med-tech company,” said Derek Jones, CEO, Babraham Research Campus. “Presenters at BIC will have the opportunity to pitch to a room full of potential investors and other entrepreneurs, which could be game-changing for them and their science. I would encourage those considering applying to present, to do so as soon as possible.” 

To apply to present, applicants need to email and they will receive a non-confidential investment profile to complete. All applications are reviewed by BIC's screening panel and successful companies will be contacted via email.

There is no charge to apply, however, there is a fee of £100+VAT from each company successful in securing a slot to present. Applications close 5th April 2019.

BIC 2019 strives to present a broad spectrum of investment opportunities with sessions focused on scale-up and venture-stage growth companies, those beyond start-up and those which are in or entering the growth stage of their development. Registration for investors wishing to attend is also now open, via the following link:

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