The granted patents further strengthen the Group’s extensive patent portfolio protecting its proprietary Arestat™ technology and diabetes product portfolio

Cambridge, UK, 22 November 2022: Arecor Therapeutics plc (AIM: AREC), the biopharmaceutical group advancing today’s therapies to enable healthier lives, is pleased to announce that the Japan Patent Office has granted a patent (JP7145849) protecting novel formulations of the Group’s proprietary insulin products, AT247 and AT278. The same patent has also been granted in South Korea.

Dr Jan Jezek, Chief Scientific Officer at Arecor, commented: “Enabled by our ArestatTM technology platform we have two proprietary insulin product candidates within clinical development based on novel formulations of existing insulin that have the potential to bring significant patients to people living with diabetes. We have demonstrated in Phase I clinical studies that we have both an ultra-rapid acting insulin (AT247) with the potential to enable an artificial pancreas system which would be transformative for patients, as well as an ultra-concentrated ultra-rapid acting insulin (AT278) which has the potential to become the gold standard insulin for the growing population of people with diabetes with high daily insulin needs. With these very promising profiles, we will be looking to gain market share within the existing >$6bn prandial global insulin market and, as such, intellectual property protection of AT247 and AT278 is critical. The grant of this key patent protecting AT247 and AT278 in Japan and South Korea, following on from the US patent granted earlier this year within our insulin IP portfolio, marks an important milestone in our comprehensive IP strategy as we continue to maximise the IP protection for our insulin products.”

The Arestat™ technology enables superior product profiles across a broad range of pharmaceuticals. Arecor leverages the technology to develop its own portfolio of superior proprietary products in diabetes and other indications. In addition, Arecor partners with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to deliver enhanced formulations of their therapeutic products under a technology licensing model.

Arecor has invested in building a strong patent portfolio to protect the Arestat™ technology platform and the proprietary pipeline products. The Group’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio currently comprises 36 patent families, including >50 granted patents in Europe, the US and in other key territories. As part of this strategy, Arecor has robust IP that protects the novel compositions of AT247 and AT278, as well as their specific properties and methods of use. Arecor’s strategy is to generate a fortress of both narrow and broad interrelated IP rights that cover the key features of these products. The grant of these patents marks an important milestone within the Group’s comprehensive proprietary insulin product IP strategy.


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