Patents further strengthen Group’s extensive patent portfolio protecting its Arestat™ technology and innovative insulin products, AT278 and AT247

Cambridge, UK, 27 June 2023: Arecor Therapeutics plc (AIM: AREC), the biopharmaceutical group advancing today’s therapies to enable healthier lives, is pleased to announce that the European Patent Office has granted a key patent (EP3518892), protecting novel formulations of the Group’s proprietary insulin products, AT278 and AT247. In addition, the China National Intellectual Property Administration has granted a further patent (CN110582285) protecting AT278 and AT247.

Dr Jan Jezek, Chief Scientific Officer at Arecor, commented: “Our innovative Arestat™ enabled insulin products, AT278 and AT247, have the potential to address key needs in the better treatment of diabetes. AT278 is a ‘disrupter insulin’, a unique formulation which combines an ultra-rapid profile and high concentration and has potential as the gold standard insulin for the growing population of people with high daily insulin needs, as well as a key enabler for pump miniaturisation and extended wear-time. AT247 has a ‘best-in-class’ ultra-rapid pharmacokinetic profile with the potential to enable fully automated insulin delivery systems. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide, and affects people regardless of country, age group, or sex. These additional granted patents aim to serve and protect Arecor’s innovative technologies in these important markets.”

Arecor has invested in a strong patent portfolio to protect the Arestat™ technology platform and its proprietary pipeline products. The Group’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio currently comprises 36 patent families, including >75 granted patents in Europe, the US and in other key territories, and provides protection for its key products. As part of this strategy, Arecor has robust IP that protects the novel compositions of AT278 and AT247 as well as their specific properties and methods of use until 2037.

AT278 is an ultra-concentrated (500 U/mL) novel formulation of insulin that has been designed to accelerate the absorption of insulin post injection, even when delivered at a high concentration. It has the potential to enable more effective management of blood glucose levels, especially in people with high daily insulin needs, whilst maintaining the convenience and compliance benefits that come from a lower injection volume via a single injection. Moreover, a truly rapid acting concentrated insulin is also a critical step towards developing the next generation of miniaturised insulin patch pumps, as well as pumps with longer wear-time and that can serve people with diabetes with a broader range of daily insulin needs.

AT247 is an ultra-rapid insulin that has been demonstrated in Phase I clinical studies to significantly accelerate insulin absorption. The faster absorption enables a more effective management of blood glucose levels for people living with diabetes, allowing for dosing closer to mealtimes. Faster acting insulins, in combination with state-of-the-art insulin pumps, glucose sensors and treatment algorithms are all necessary components of an ‘artificial pancreas’ designed to more closely mimic natural insulin function.


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