AZoNetwork Records 30th Quarter of Year-on-Year Growth

AZoNetwork, the leading authority in scientific marketing, recently generated a record 33% increase in first 6-month sales. This peak performance punctuated the company’s thirtieth consecutive quarter of year-on-year growth in a marketplace where many traditional agencies are continuing to struggle.

Despite ongoing geo-economic uncertainty, AZoNetwork has concentrated on expansion and internal investment which has proven critical in sustaining an upward growth trajectory. This included expanding the team’s headcount by up to 40% and relocating to a new Bruntwood office in Manchester city centre.

Assembling the right personnel has helped AZoNetwork to increase activity across the board including sales, product development and editorial operations as well as streamlining internal processes without impacting on the established innovative company culture.

CEO Dr. Ian Birkby has attributed the company’s success to the performance of the team and more attractive product offerings in a growing marketplace. He commented:
‘We’re seeing significant uptick in the demand for our products and services. We’re all about “Marketing Science” and more manufacturers of scientific equipment and services are taking advantage of our Content Marketing, Email, Video and SEO services. Of course, underpinning all of this and differentiating us from many digital agencies is that we also own the distribution platform. 12 websites with over 5.5million monthly unique visitors.”

“Since we moved the hub of our Global operations to the NEO building in Manchester we’ve never looked back. We feel that Manchester is an excellent location to conduct business, especially if you’re heavily focused on Life Sciences, Materials, Nanotechnology and Sensors to name but a few.”

Additionally, the expansion has allowed the team to plan a comprehensive educational series of Marketing Science Roadshows and SEO Workshops, where sales and marketing professionals from science, engineering and healthcare businesses are encouraged to come and learn about the complex digital landscape.

“We’re very excited by our prospects as we move through 2019. We’re looking forward to connecting with more clients via our Marketing Science Roadshows and SEO workshop series and continuing our global expansion.”

AZoNetwork offers bespoke marketing science solutions for scientific businesses across the world. The company creates, distributes and analyses quality content across a platform of industry specific sites dedicated to scientific, engineering and medical audiences.

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