Biocair Helps FibroFind Fast-Track Vital Fibrosis Drug Development

United Kingdom, 1st November 2023 - The experienced life science logistics company, Biocair, provides critical logistics support to a cutting-edge research project into drugs that can treat, and prevent, one of the world’s more serious medical conditions, fibrosis. 

Biocair is supporting the innovative, UK-based contract research company, FibroFind, to deliver precious project samples from its pre-clinical research studies to pharmaceutical companies across the world. So far, Biocair has accomplished over 100 rapid, reliable sample deliveries worldwide for FibroFind. 

Fibrosis, which can affect most organs in the body, is estimated to contribute to one-third of natural deaths worldwide. To prevent, halt or even reverse it requires new and better medicines, and these can only be developed through highly specialized pre-clinical pharmacological research. 

FibroFind focuses on this type of research, partnering with pharmaceutical companies to design and execute ground-breaking pre-clinical drug development studies.  

Lee Reed, FibroFind's Chief Compliance Officer, explains the company’s need for reliable logistical support: "We frequently need to ship sensitive materials that encompass months of work, and this presents us with hurdles. The samples must be temperature-controlled and are time-sensitive, so care and reliability are critical when transporting them. They can't just be handled like ordinary packages." 

With the successful development of life-changing drugs hinging on finding the right logistics partner, FibroFind knew Biocair were the right choice. They offer the expertise and high standards of customer care to meet FibroFind's exacting requirements. The company has been delivering excellence in pharmaceutical, biotech and life science logistics for over 35 years, investing heavily in a global team of dedicated specialists to deliver 24-hour customer support. 

This global team allowed them to meet the needs of key issues, including delivering materials rapidly and safely from FibroFind's laboratories in north-east England to pharma clients in North America, Europe and other global destinations.  

Zara Smith, Life Science Logistics Coordinator, is one of Biocair’s dedicated specialists working closely with FibroFind. She explains, "Most shipments are packed with dry ice, but as this depletes over time, we must proactively monitor the situation and top it up in transit when necessary. Delays could compromise the samples, so it is vital that we facilitate customs clearance by checking all the relevant regulations and expediting documentation in good time." 

While Biocair uses technology to track the shipments, a personal touch is just as important. Smith continues, "We try really hard to communicate well. We’re completely honest with our clients so trust is built, and they know we will communicate any issues or concerns, so they can be dealt with quickly.”  

Reed says the support that Biocair provides has exceeded all his expectations: "They've been incredible, demonstrating logistics knowledge and skills, reliability and attention to detail. Above all, they always keep us informed and give us peace of mind that our shipments are in safe hands." 


About Fibrofind  

FibroFind Ltd is a contract research organization in the northeast of England with an unparalleled breadth of experience in fibrosis and inflammation research. They offer their clients a fusion of cutting-edge technologies and meticulous project planning, ensuring the delivery of insightful and pristine pre-clinical data. FibroFind’s team, made up of carefully selected technical specialists and a leadership team boasting world-leading fibrosis experts, is dedicated to providing the highest caliber of service. FibroFind’s experts personally oversee data interpretation, resulting in bespoke project reports that chart the course for their clients’ onward clinical studies. 

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Lee Reed, Chief Compliance Officer 

About Biocair 

Since 1986, Biocair has established a global reputation as a leading GDP logistics specialist within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences sectors. Biocair has built up a unique, client-centric approach by employing scientists in front-line logistics positions and assembling a team of best-in-class industry experts in quality, cold chain and regulatory compliance. Biocair focuses on providing the most comprehensive time-sensitive and temperature-controlled logistics services available whilst delivering flexible, tailored, cost-effective solutions to all its clients. It is committed to delivering complete end-to-end logistics solutions through its 24/7 operation and global network spanning across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. 

Biocair employs over 600 people worldwide and provides specialist logistics services to more than 160 countries through a global network of partners. Biocair’s offices are located in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, USA, South Africa, China, Singapore and India.  

In 2012 Biocair was acquired as an autonomous division by Geopost. Geopost is the largest parcel delivery network in Europe, which posted sales of €15.6 billion in 2022. Geopost is a holding company owned by Groupe La Poste. 

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