Biocair joins Pharma.Aero's pioneering project to elevate cell and gene therapy logistics

Biocair, a leading specialist in cell and gene therapy logistics, is proud to announce its alliance with Pharma.Aero, a global cross-industry collaboration platform. Together, they are driving transformation in the cell and gene therapy (CGT) supply chain.

Cell and gene therapies are a revolutionary way to fight disease in that they offer patients complete personalization of medicine. These time-sensitive and life-changing medicines need logistics solutions as innovative as they are.

To ensure the supply chain is consistently improving, Pharma.Aero set up the Cell and Gene Therapies Project. This is an industry-wide initiative that explores the fast-developing CGT sector and the particularities that have an impact on its logistics.

Over 50 life science logistics stakeholders and several external partners took part to enhance awareness and streamline the critical aspects of CGT shipments. Biocair is at the forefront of this project, advocating for the importance of accuracy, visibility and reliability in CGT logistics.

Christopher Good, Director of Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics at Biocair, affirms "Our mission is to ensure that the whole supply chain understands the significance of CGT logistics. These shipments are not just packages but life-saving therapies requiring the utmost care and attention."

Good continues “It’s been a privilege and necessity for us to be involved in the Pharma.Aero project. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with other stakeholders and building new relationships that will benefit the efficiency of the supply chain. We look forward to continuing to work together to combat the industry-wide areas for improvement highlighted as a result of the project.”

The project's findings are presented in a white paper that offers a detailed perspective on this emerging industry, identifying logistical challenges and highlighting some key points where the supply chain stakeholders could act. Five main actions have been developed:

• Strengthen the skills of the players in the airfreight sector, including keeping up to date with key regulatory developments as the sector continuously evolves
• Facilitate the flow of materials and substances due to the time and temperature criticality of the CGT supply chain
• Reduce time/Eliminate time loss through controlling processes and adequate training, as well as incorporating the latest technologies to improve productivity
• Identify products as specific to the CGT industry and design tailored solutions to support these
• Limit regulatory constraints and upgrade CEIV, as well as reflecting on the certifications and support required by industry

Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General of Pharma.Aero, emphasizes the organization’s dedication to exploring cell and gene therapies and their impact on logistics. “In the realm of air cargo, the development of personalized medicine products, unprecedented in their complexity, presents a unique set of challenges, necessitating careful logistics management. Our Pharma.Aero members, working collaboratively in this space, are confronting logistical demands that require meticulous monitoring, mapping, digitalization, precise timing, troubleshooting, and, ultimately, accurate delivery to the patient”, added Van Gelder.

Biocair's participation in the Pharma.Aero CGT Project aligns with the company’s mission to move science forward. They provided a specialist perspective on CGT logistics during the industry-wide webinar that informed the white paper. Experts from Biocair stressed the need for meticulous handling and proactive monitoring of these sensitive shipments as opposed to taking a reactive approach.

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