Biocair predicts trends that will shape the life science logistics industry in 2024

As the life sciences sector continues to evolve at a rapid pace, Biocair, a leading global life science logistics expert, stands at the forefront of industry excellence and customer service. Manish Joshi, Biocair’s Chief Commercial Officer, gives us insight into how Biocair is staying ahead of trends that will shape the industry in 2024.

Sustainability revolutionizing the life sciences supply chain

In the fiercely competitive life science sector, sustainability has emerged as a force reshaping supply chain dynamics. This paradigm shift aligns with a broader industry trend, as indicated by the Deloitte 2023 Global Life Sciences Outlook report. It found that since February 2023, 88 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences companies have committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), signaling a collective dedication to mitigating global warming through sustainability targets.

Recognizing this industry-wide shift towards sustainable practices, life science companies are increasingly embracing closed-loop supply chains that leverage reusable, certified packaging. Further to this, companies are focused on addressing Scope 3 emissions, which stem from activities beyond an organization's ownership. This may include waste, end-of-life treatment of sold products and transportation and distribution.

Manish says, “Biocair is making significant advances in its sustainability journey and is strategically examining its logistics practices. In April 2023, the company introduced 100% electric vans to its Cambridge fleet, symbolizing a tangible move towards a more sustainable future. This initiative not only aligns with industry trends but also helped earn Biocair its second consecutive EcoVadis silver medal in 2023, highlighting the company's dedication to environmentally responsible practices.”

Innovation and collaboration of utmost importance in a global landscape

In an era of increasing globalization, collaboration and knowledge-sharing are critical for staying competitive. To foster real-time tracking and complete visibility of goods in transit, all key partners in the supply chain must collaborate. This is especially important within the Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) supply chain. Biocair has been working hard to ensure improved visibility for its customers, having partnered with Trakcel and taken part in key industry projects led by Pharma.Aero to promote industry collaboration.

Manish says, “Choosing the right partner is extremely important to Biocair. They must align with our commitment to be the most trusted and reliable life science logistics expert.”

Companies must also harness the power of AI, automation and blockchain to enhance efficiency, reduce R&D and manufacturing costs and accelerate development times. But, to do this, the right people with the right expertise are needed to make the most of emerging technologies that will bring supply chain efficiency.

Regulatory compliance and transparency commitment

As patient needs and advances in treatments drive a shift towards personalized medicines, adherence to regulatory standards becomes paramount. Biocair maintains a proactive approach to staying abreast of key regulatory bodies, including the FDA and MHRA.

“Biocair is a Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliant logistics specialist, so our experts across the globe ensure that every stage of each shipment is managed with care, knowledge and precision”, comments Manish.

He continues, “The industry must be committed to transparency and ethical behavior throughout all areas of the supply chain, ensuring the highest standards in the transportation of sensitive and critical life science materials.”

Agile supply chains for unpredictable environments

The tumultuous events of recent years, including the impact of COVID-19, have underscored the necessity for agile and flexible supply chains. Biocair, recognizing the importance of adaptability, has pioneered innovative logistics solutions to meet the challenges posed by a diversifying portfolio of advanced, next-generation treatments.

The company has invested in advanced tracking and visibility technologies, temperature-controlled facilities and cutting-edge packaging solutions. Each defines Biocair's commitment to precision and reliability in the evolving life science landscape.

Manish concludes, “It has been an extraordinary few years in the life sciences sector, with many twists and turns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economic climate and major world events. We hope for a steadier year in 2024, and at Biocair, we will continue to focus on achieving excellence for our customers, partners and patients, by focussing on their and the industry's needs.”

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