Biotech Search in 6-8 weeks means you can secure talent by end 2022


Nearly 70% of Life-Sci hiring is in the last quarter of the year
Biotech Search in 6-8 weeks means you can secure talent by end 2022

• From our sector experience the majority of recruitment is done in the last quarter
• Our specialist bespoke talent search solves the annual rush to make offers (and get acceptances) by December
• We do the heavy lifting in our Biotech Search package to get you where you need to be in 6-8 weeks

Singular Talent’s Biotech Search service is a bespoke service suited to meet the hiring needs of early-stage Biotechs to secure job offers and aim for offer acceptance by December 2022. It’s a one-stop service where we'll do the heavy lifting on:

• Job descriptions
• Recruitment advertising
• Interview process & structure
• Setting up & diarising your interview panel
• Bespoke talent search
• Pre-boarding new joiners

The Biotech Search package includes a new hire guarantee of a 6 month free replacement.

After a free advisory call we will set you up and running with our proven search and recruitment methodology tailored for drug discovery companies.
Biotech Search was made for early-stage Biotechs (up to a few hundred employees) to solve these problems:

• Lack of internal resource to ensure high growth plans and scale up for investment, hard to find roles such as scientists or leaders
• Fill a gap if you do not employ HR or Operations teams and act as an extension to those teams if you do
• Where employer's brand messaging and employer value proposition need more work to meet the current competitive hiring marketplace (many Biotech employees have 3-4 job offers) and competing for talent against larger corporate pharma brands
• Where the current approach is not working to find, attract and secure the talent needed
• Broaden reach to include passive Biotech talent as well as those actively job hunting – Biotech Search gives access to a curated specialist Talent Community of 000's
• Lack of marketing strategies and pre-boarding processes in recruitment drives

“Your people are critical to your success - but the majority of Biotech companies report that they regularly struggle to fill their open positions. Why? Most organisations are trying to solve the wrong problem. Great recruitment is no longer about finding candidates, but about cutting through the noise to engage, attract and secure them. Our Biotech Search works to solve this ” Tom Froggatt, MD, Singular Talent

“ Working with Singular Talent has provided us with a regular stream of potential hires, at the appropriate level and skill set to match our business needs. They are thorough in developing a candidate brief which allows them to search the marketplace and present us with talent opportunities, without a reliance on us to pre-check every CV for relevance.
This working model adds significant value to us ... we can concentrate internally on the day to day running of our business.” Prof. Steve Allin, CEO, Charnwood Molecular

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