June 2020

That was the title of a panel discussion held during One Nucleus’ Life Science Leadership meeting at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in central London on 8 March this year supported by One Nucleus partners Cerba Research. It was, therefore, probably one of the last life sciences meetings to be held in the UK before we belatedly entered our coronavirus lockdown. Some delegates seemed rather nervous about mingling over the excellent buffet lunch, but there were few other signs of the tsunami of change that was about to engulf the industry.

The Science of Podcasts

So you’ve listened to a few podcasts on the daily commute (well, at least back when we all used to commute!) and thought we could do that in Life Sciences! Then you pause and think about the amount of work involved… How many episodes would we do? Who would be good on the show? How would we interview our guys across the pond?