March 2021

Recognise this? It’s a common sight in many research facilities across the world: container after container filled with important biological samples. It may mean it’s time to upgrade from containers to a better, long-term solution.

During our careers, the opportunity to work on something genuinely ground-breaking, something pioneering that raises the bar, is extremely rare. In October, the Kao Data team was contacted by NVIDIA regarding their Cambridge-1 project. As soon as we saw the plans for the UK’s most powerful supercomputer, we were hooked.

Once again, One Nucleus held a really useful and informative session whereby an intimate group of attendees gathered to discuss thought-provoking questions posed by the One Nucleus community.  Discussions each take place in individual breakout groups, but so the key take-aways can be disseminated more widely, this wrap-up serves to provide an overview of all discussions.  Therefore, regardless of the breakout group individuals were in, the insights are shared amongst all.