May 2023

A recent blog post from AMSBIO introduces a selection of the ‘green products’ it offers to life science researchers looking to maintain rigorous scientific standards in their lab whilst also trying to minimize environmental impact.

Laboratories are known to consume a significant amount of energy and produce a considerable amount of waste. However, with the increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability, many life sciences labs are taking steps towards prioritizing sustainable products and practices.


Guest Blog: Ahead of BioBeat23, Miranda Weston-Smith, BioBeat founder, talks to Alisa Molotova, Investment Manager at Martlet and co-organiser of BioBeat23 about her investment journey.

Miranda: It’s a total pleasure working with you on BioBeat23: Out of adversity comes opportunity on 18 May at the Cambridge Union.  I’m curious to know, how did you get into biotech investing?

There is no doubt that AI is a revolution underway, not just in healthcare, but across a broad range of industries.  Although, continuing improvements in technology capabilities, such as computing power, and access to data are creating more opportunities for the application of AI in the drug discovery process, Pharma still lags behind other industries for AI adoption.