Businesses Charged for Unused Energy in Lockdown When They Could Be Saving with Green Options

The pandemic and lockdown restrictions have created many new challenges for businesses. On top of this, companies across the UK are facing millions of pounds in penalties for unused energy since the first lockdown last year.

001 Limited have been helping clients to avoid this problem by managing and broking their utilities to avoid hidden fees and recover rebates by undertaking a historical audit.

Tim Smith, Finance Director at 001 Limited explains: “While businesses are under pressure, it is vital to have a clear picture of your energy costs. We ensure that our clients fully understand their contracts and, whether it be a fixed, pass-through, or flexible product, there are no hidden charges and no nasty shocks.”

In this time of uncertainty, 001 Limited is calling on businesses to reach out to save money on their utilities as the UK comes out of lockdown and navigates the recession. Even if you are in contract, we could still be able to reduce your costs without affecting your current agreement.

001 Limited has partnered with several companies from the life sciences industry to uncover savings on utilities. We spoke to Edwin Hernadez, Associate Director at Agenus, a biotechnology company focused on immunotherapy and a fellow member of One Nucleus, who said: ‘001 Limited has been working with us since we first setup shop in the UK in 2016. 001 has helped Agenus navigate the “red tape” with speed and professionalism. They are always looking for ways in which we can save money on our utility contracts.’

At 001 Limited, our Historic Audit service has been particularly useful to clients in the life sciences industry. We analyse 6 years’ worth of historical bills to find and recover overcharging. There is nothing to lose by undertaking a no win, no fee audit and potentially lots to gain.

Tim Smith explains the benefit of 001’s Historic Audit work: “We speak to numerous clients who outsource their energy bill validation. Having this type of service in place does not guarantee that you haven’t been overcharged. 001 have recovered savings for clients whose bills had been externally validated.”

It has never been easier to buy green energy and it won’t cost the earth to save the earth.

Many suppliers are moving solely to green electricity and the smaller, newer more innovative suppliers in the market can often supply green energy cheaper than the big six brown energy products.

At this difficult economic time for businesses across the UK and the growing global climate crisis; 001 Limited is calling out for businesses to contact them for help with their diverse utilities needs to save money and the Earth.

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