Checking in to Facilitate Trans-Atlantic Engagement

It has been reported many times how growth, deals and collaborations are frequently stimulated via your network. Success is not simply about who you know’, although that is helpful absolutely. Based on a matrix of market insight, what you know, who you know and of course who they know is much more likely to deliver great outcomes.


For the majority of One Nucleus members, the Greater Boston cluster is an ecosystem of critical interest. Many connections exist already of course, but our intention at One Nucleus is always to seek opportunities to bring the above matrix into the same space in order to support our members success. To this end, Monday 26 September 2022 will see One Nucleus and a select group of its members, with the support of United Airlines, depart on a week’s trade mission to Boston, assembling the matric as follows:

  • Market Insight – a series of roundtable discussions with Boston-based experts to gain intelligence on the current trends, sector dynamics and opportunities. A series of roundtables will focus discussion on:
  • The innovation and commercialisation ecosystem
  • The investment landscape and term sheet trends
  • Licensing deal dynamics
  • Infrastructure for growth from real estate to skills



Who you know – absolutely, all of the individuals listed above have strong personal networks in place with this trip enabling those to be maintained, developed and grown as they meet new faces, perhaps whilst attending the roundtables, British Consulate Reception or at the BioPharm America conference which will all be taken in.

  • Who they know – Amplifying business connectivity for deal flow through bringing well-connected and informed people into the same space is a core goal of One Nucleus be that within our region, nationally or internationally. The chance here to connect our members with hugely impactful connectors in Boston such as MassBio, Mass Life Sciences Center, The US-based Department for International Trade and the embedded professional services ecosystem is a major benefit of such activities.

In addition to the outcomes secured by the travelling group, the key insights gained from the visit which will be certain to provide large amounts of food for thought will be shared with the One Nucleus network upon our return. Further, at Genesis 2022 in December, a keynote session will debate the pros and cons of the Greater Boston and Golden Triangle ecosystems to enable attendees to form their informed decision on strategy for their business.