The Rush for Hybrid Events in 2021

With the UK government recently announcing their proposed roadmap for the easing of lockdown, companies are expected to rush to organise Hybrid Events. With Hybrid Events in 2021, businesses can aim to combine the benefits of having a virtual audience alongside a much smaller live audience.

The Road to Normality Ahead

Over the course of this year as restrictions on social contact are slowly relaxed, questions will need to be constantly asked about hosting events. Will venue capacities still be restricted for a while? Will social distancing still be a factor when planning an event? Can participants from other countries be able to attend?

With some key dates proposed by the Prime Minister, it is hoped that smaller Hybrid Events will be able to go ahead from 17th May onwards, and that even the largest Live Events can get back under way from 21st June. With these schedules, the obstacles of social distancing and reduced venue capacities will be gradually become less of an issue, meaning that larger in-person events can be organised.

The Benefits of Hybrid Events

Being inherently scalable, Hybrid Events allow for a much greater attendance compared to traditional in-person events. Hybrid Events can involve and directly connect speakers and attendees from all over the globe. With social distancing still being an obstacle limiting face-to-face communication, Hybrid Events maximise the opportunities venue spaces provide by offering the content to vast online audiences.

Don’t assume that Hybrid Events provide less value and impact to your business; however. Much like digital-only events, virtual attendees can continue to engage and interact with the event’s content while in the comfort of their own home or office space. Virtual Event platforms have proven their worth in providing engaging experiences for all involved, featuring rich interactive tools, stunning virtual lobbies, all while reducing venue costs. Hybrid Events are no different in this aspect. With the countless number of Virtual Events that we have hosted over the past 12 months, all have been able to create highly successful experiences for attendees, from thought-provoking discussions and Q&A sessions to productive networking opportunities.

Additionally, Hybrid Events enable content to be made available on-demand for those unable to attend the live broadcast, from individually streamed discussion sessions to entire event days. Because of this, smaller venues can be utilised without having to restrict the overall desired impact of the event. With such measurable benefits, we expect businesses to utilise the Hybrid Event Solutions not just during, but even beyond the pandemic.

Providing the Flexibility You Need

Giggabox are specialists in delivering high quality Hybrid Events for businesses. With our extensive experience supporting events of all sizes, Giggabox has helped companies run a wide variety of events. This includes conferences, awards evenings, exhibitions, and much more. With an in-house graphics team, Giggabox also enable tailored experiences with our fully branded event services.

Providing the confidence and flexibility that businesses need right now, Giggabox are capable of pivoting any client’s proposed event from Live to Hybrid or Virtual, and vice versa. Because of this, any subsequent changes to restrictions on social gatherings impacting venue capacities can be accounted for. If you want to host a small Live Event in the coming months with an interactive online element, but restrictions then tighten and venue capacities reduce, we can adjust your event accordingly. Likewise, if you expect the worst and organise a Virtual Event, but then change your mind as conditions improve, we can help you to implement more live elements with no issue.

Being partners with several venues around the UK, we provide optimal studio spaces. Additionally, with our own equipment, including staging, lighting, and AV, we have practice in setting up in clients’ own studio spaces. This means that we can even come to you to fulfil all your event needs.

If you require a production company for your event or would like any information regarding Hybrid Events and the options available to you, contact Giggabox today | 01280 735050 |

Post written by Philip Barnes – Marketing Assistant at Giggabox