What’s Coming Up with One Nucleus?

Mark your calendars with the various opportunities to network and learn about the sector by registering for the events below. Further details for all events can be found by clicking the hyperlinks. The One Nucleus events calendar changes and updates regularly; the best place to keep up to date is via our website.

To help you decide why you should attend, below we have shared some of the learnings from our events so far this year. In February, at the London Bioscience Innovation Centre, we learnt about how antimicrobial resistance, zoonotic diseases, food safety, and climate change are all One Health issues that are linked by the interfaces between humans, animals, and the environment. During this event it was apparent that more could be done around raising awareness and bridging the gaps between different disciplines to accelerate innovation. If you are interested in learning more, check out the One Region – One Health event coming up in September.

During our Building Life Science Adventures careers conference, Priya Kalia, SciTribe Ltd, moderated a panel discussion on The Role of Social Media in Recruitment & Career Development. LinkedIn and emerging AI tools such as ChatGPT were mentioned as being useful to help attract talent and showcase your skills to potential employers. You can learn more about digital marketing at our next Life Science Marketing Group on 15 May, details are below. Monalisa Breazu, Learning & Development Administrator shared a roundup of insights in the Building Life Science Adventures 2024 – An Overview article.

Finally, the power of people! If you happen to be reading this article in time to register for our BioWednesday Cambridge Social on 1 May, then we look forward to seeing you there! But, if not, please do not worry since we run these types of events throughout the year. We recognise that creating an informal environment for people to meet and network helps foster long-term relationships, have interesting conversations that spark innovation, and enable deal flow.


BioWednesday Cambridge Social, 1 May

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Networking is a powerful tool in business, and many great deals, careers, and ideas are forged in the bar! We invite our network to gather with us at the Babraham Research Campus bar to nurture relationships with contacts old and new.

Life Science Marketing Group - Digital marketing trends for 2024, 15 May

Digital marketing experts at Sciad Communications lead an interactive session, discussing the latest trends in digital marketing. They will touch upon the impact of AI on content creation, the relevance of blogs and podcasts, achieving global reach, social media platforms, and the importance of putting your customers at the very heart of your marketing activity.


BioWednesday London: Deal-making for Cell and Gene Therapy Companies, 5 June

Over the last decade, cell and gene therapies have made remarkable progress, and deal-making in this space is rising rapidly. Join our panel event, hosted by Bristows, to discuss the latest opportunities and challenges involved in M&A, VC, and licensing transactions in this area. The session will cover topics such as “what makes these different from deals for small molecules or other types of therapies?” and “What are the top priorities for those looking to invest in, or acquire, cell or gene therapy businesses?” The expert panel will share their valuable insights on M&A trends, lessons learnt from licensing deals, the regulatory landscape that impacts these deals, and key ingredients needed to make them a success.

One Nucleus is looking forward to being involved in Cambridge Wide Open Day at Babraham Research Campus! In a first of its kind event, Cambridge Wide Open Day offered a unique insight into the city’s world-renowned science and technology. Season 2 of this event will be held on 12 June 2024 welcoming visitors from across the Cambridge community - from scientists, techies, people working across different sectors to residents - to explore the innovations in Cambridge. Companies will open their doors from 11.00 - 15.00, and bus and VIP tours are available. 


One Nucleus Summer Life Sciences Dinner, 3 July

On the eve of our annual ON Helix Conference, One Nucleus will be holding a networking dinner in the prestigious surroundings of the Quy Mill. An opportunity to catch up with contacts familiar and new and open to ON Helix delegates and non-delegates.

ON Helix 2024, 4 July

This one-day conference will address key bio innovation trends, from developments in life science and technology research to their translation into new diagnostics, prevention tools, or treatments. ON Helix 2024 will focus on stimulating discussions around emerging modalities, biomarker technologies, techbio, and translating science globally. It will also be an opportunity to catch up on key learnings that came out of the Boston Bootcamp 2024.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the One Nucleus network to explore New Horizons for Bio Innovation.

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One Nucleus Summer Social, 7 August – save the date!

Come and be part of the excitement for our annual Summer Social! It’s the perfect opportunity for our members and the wider network to catch up over a few drinks and food. More details to follow…


Innovation Seminar: Challenges and Opportunities in Therapeutic Antibody Development, 5 September – save the date!

More details to follow…

One Region – One Health, 16 September

This event will showcase different disciplines such as biomedicine, agritech, cleantech, advanced manufacturing, and data science, all of which are prominent in the East of England. The discussion will focus on fostering interdisciplinary collaboration to achieve ‘One Health’; harmonised health for people, animals, and the environment.


Genesis 2024, 4 December

Genesis offers a high content mix of plenary talks and panels from key opinion leaders; 1-2-1 Partnering; an Exhibition assembling an array of providers supporting the life science sector; ample networking opportunities; and Genesis Fringe Events.