Career Track

Delivering insight to enable great careers and teams in Life Sciences 

One Nucleus Career Track has been created in response to regular anecdotal feedback from students and employers that can be summarised as:

     • Those exploring careers in the sector not sure about what options they
      have, what alternative roles are like and how to access them
     • Employers wanting to communicate the diverse roles they have, both in
      and outside the laboratory, the knowledge gaps they observe and the
      need to attract great staff

Starting with the Life Sciences Industry 101 sessions launched in 2018 which introduced students to the top-level make-up of the industry, recruitment trends and career pathways, the initiative has been developed with input from our members to deliver a series of sessions that would be useful to students and current employees. Each session will major on key knowledge and skills areas where employers would like to see enhanced awareness.

Each session will consist of:

     • A Life Science Industry 101 overview
     • Presentations on the session topic including the corresponding career
     • Q&A panel with industry experts
     • Follow on steps that could be taken
     • Networking opportunity

The topic areas to be covered are:

     • Communication – presentations, writing, networking, chairing small
     • Intellectual Property – Protection practice and behaviours,
       commercialisation routes
     • Drug discovery – process, PK/PD and assay design
     • Clinical Research – process, technologies and regulatory systems
     • Project Management- budgeting, reporting and collaboration

Next Event
7th October 2019 
7th November 2019 - Registration open soon