CCDC Celebrate 1.25 Millionth Structure

"The addition of the 1.25 millionth structure to the CSD is a great achievement for the community. Being the world’s largest database of small-molecule organic and metal-organic crystal structure data, the CSD is used in over 70 countries by scientists and crystallographers working both in academia and in pharmaceutical companies. Each of the structures deposited by scientists from around the globe is curated by our expert scientific editors prior to entry in the database. It represents a fundamental platform to access structural data, to understand how molecules behave and interact in three dimensions in the solid state, and ultimately to investigate how their structure influences their physical properties."

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About CCDC

CCDC are world-leading experts in structural chemistry data, software and knowledge for materials and life science research and application.

They are dedicated to the advancement of chemistry and crystallography for the public benefit. They specialise in the collation, preservation and application of scientific structural data for use in pharmaceutical discovery, materials development and research and education.

CCDC compile and distribute the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD), a certified trusted database of fully curated and enhanced organic and metal-organic structures, used by researchers across the globe.

Their cutting-edge software empowers scientists to extract invaluable insights from the vast dataset, informing and accelerating their research & development.

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