Come meet MyData-TRUST (MD-T) at the Fierce European TMF Summit

MD-T is proud sponsor of Fierce European TMF Summit. This is an excellent opportunity for organisations to share tools, strategies and methodologies to help over come dynamic TMF challenges.

Come meet the MD-T team at our booth and discuss the concerns your organisation may be facing to comply and implement the GDPR, UK Data Protection Act or any other international data protection regulation.

Mr. Damien Mair, chief development officer(CDO) at MDT, is also part of panel discussion below. Where he will highlight the updates and challenges with the compliance of GDPR and UK Data Protection Act.

Panel: How Trial Teams and Study Monitoring Groups Strive to Maintain Compliance

- Explore current remote inspection trends
- Discuss the most common inspection findings related to TMF deficiencies
- How to effectively respond to Regulatory agencies after an Audit/Inspection
- Review the GDPR Code of Conduct

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