Committed to strengthen trade ties in India

India stands as a promising power in the pharmaceutical industry

The Asian country is growing the pharmaceutical industry at an unprecedented rate and DIVERSA wants to join the challenge! India is currently experiencing a significant economic growth. In fact, although in the past it was not among the top 5 main world economic powers, it is estimated that it will occupy the third position by 2030. This forecast is based on its important role in the global pharmaceutical industry, among other reasons. DIVERSA has had the opportunity to meet relevant players in the Indian biotech sector and to reach some agreements in 2022.

Research and market in the spotlight

After our visit to the country last September, we can make public two strategic agreements that will help us grow internationally. First, we obtained a distribution agreement with BioBench Solutions LLP. The company has been distributing, since its inception, reagents and kits, and now they added DIVERSA reagents to their catalogue: drug delivery solutions to improve the quality of patients’ lives, as they say, “for a better future”.

On the other hand, we have established a research agreement with the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi with a double objective:

- To develop new research projects with Indian partners directly in India.
- To foster public-private collaboration.
- To seek public-private financing between Spain and India (CDTI-GITA funding).

We are putting down roots in a growing country. Join us in this adventure!

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