Constructive Bio transitions to a new, specially-designed facility spanning 11,000 square feet in the heart of Cambridge biotech cluster.

Entire 11,000 sq ft next generation lab developed by Gen Two to become the British biotech company’s HQ


LONDON, 23 NOVEMBER 2023 – Constructive Bio

Constructive Bio, a visionary biotech company, is excited to announce their transformative growth and relocation to their new headquarters, 'The Recodery'. Since their establishment in 2022, backed by a £12.4 million seed investment, and under the leadership of their female CEO, Ola Wlodek, PhD EMBA and scientific guidance of professor Jason Chin as a CSO, the company now boasts a robust and growing team. Constructive Bio’s journey began in a modest 2,000 sq ft workspace, but they've now expanded into the 11,000 sq ft state-of-the-art facility at Gen Two’s ‘The Recodery’, nestled in the heart of the South Cambridge biotech cluster.

Constructive Bio’s ground breaking synthetic biology research, supported by esteemed deeptech investors like Ahren, Amadeus Capital Partners, OMX Ventures, and General Inception, has redefined the possibilities in biotechnology. The proprietary technology allows the company to introduce pharmacologically important specialised building blocks into programmable drugs.

The Recodery, their new home, mirrors the ethos of commitment to innovation and sustainability perfectly. The facility, a transformed industrial warehouse, now serves as a beacon of sustainable lab space, achieving an EPC ‘A’ rating. It boasts not only state-of-the-art wet lab spaces but also advanced in silico facilities for computational biology. The redesigned space includes bespoke lab interiors with ducted fume cupboards, flexible working spaces including design-led offices, meeting rooms, and an adaptable boardroom. This environment is not just a workplace; it’s a hub for pioneering biotech innovation.

The project was led internally by operations manager, Kajetan Behler, with design and implementation support provided by Richard Dickinson of One Nucleus. The facility was developed by Gen Two, and the move was organised by Restore Harrow Green.

Ola Wlodek, CEO of Constructive Bio, commented: “Our new headquarters at The Recodery is more than just a state-of-the-art facility; it’s a manifestation of our commitment to innovation and excellence, and sustainability. In the competitive Cambridge biotech landscape, securing suitable lab space is a formidable challenge. But it’s a challenge we’ve met head-on, because we believe our outstanding team deserves an equally outstanding research environment. The Recodery transformation led by Gen Two provides us with the perfect blend of cutting-edge wet lab and computational resources, encapsulated in a sustainable and design-forward workspace. This isn’t just a lab or an office; it’s a crucible for groundbreaking ideas and transformative discoveries.

At Constructive Bio, we are thrilled to continue our journey in this exceptional facility, pushing the boundaries of biology to create solutions for the future, all while upholding our commitment to sustainability and excellence in both wet lab and computational research. "This facility allows us to commence partnerships with leading biopharma companies in the near future, allowing us to advance our own assets alongside these collaborations”.


About Constructive Bio

Constructive Bio is a biotechnology company that rewrites genomes to create biomolecules that were previously unimaginable. Based on Professor Jason Chin’s groundbreaking research at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and a robust portfolio of proprietary tools and assets, we are creating next-generation therapeutics and industrial solutions while setting the standard for genetic code reprogramming. With a world-class team in synthetic genomics and a passionate commitment to improving global health and bioprocessing, Constructive Bio is reimagining the world of biologic therapies by rewriting the genome itself.

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About Gen Two

Gen Two is a family-run and purpose-led real estate developer and investor, specialising in the creation of well designed, fit for purpose life science laboratories and workspaces in Cambridge. Being a company backed by two family offices, Gen Two is able to undertake work independently, via a joint venture or in a development manager capacity.

Gen Two aims to deliver bespoke workplaces that meet the needs of their customers, whilst creating sustainable ecosystems that truly engage with local communities.  Gen Two provides a platform to co-create science and innovation destinations that deliver long term and meaningful economic, environmental and social value.

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Kerri Leach, Executive Assistant to the CEO